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Ĵ/ ֹͣ
pull up;    stoppage;    blow itself out;    cease;    discontinuance;    stop;    interdiction;    relinquishment;    end;    shutoff;    stand;    hitch;    desist;    be at a halt ;    blew over ;    blown over ;    calculate off ;    call a halt to ;    cease from ;    cessation ;    chuck in ;    chuck up ;    closed up ;    come to a halt ;    come to a stand-still ;    come to a standstill ;    come to an end ;    cut it out ;    cut that out ;    fallen out of ;    fling up;    came to a standstill ;    comes to a standstill ;    given over ;    halt ;    let up ;    pull up ;    put an end to ;    puts an end to ;    setback ;    stoppage;    call off;     cease;     halt;     rest;     stop;     suspend ;     arrest;     cessation;     stoppage;     standstill;     suspense;    1.to stop or cease (doing something); to suspend (some privilege or rights); to give over; to leave off; to lay off;    terminate;    abeyance;    arrest;    break off;    bring a end to;    call a halt;    cease from;    ceased;    ceasing;    cessation;    cesura;    close down;    come to a halt;    cut that out;    desist from;    detent;    discontinuation;    discontinue;    discontinuer;    discontinuous;    dwelling;    give over;    Give over!;    grind to a halt;    halt;    hlt;    hold hard!;    hold up;    hold- up;    hold-up;    interruption;    knock it off;    knock off;    knock off for tea;    lay-up;    leave;    leave off;    let up;    letup;    nark it;    outage;    pack in;    pack it up;    pass;    pause;    peter;    phase down;    phase- down;    phase-down;    phase-out;    put in the pin;    put out of action (service);    quiescing;    quit;    refrain;    rest;    roll to a halt;    run down;    set- back;    set-back;    SH I;    shut down;    shut off;    shutting down;    shuttingdown;    stanch;    stand-down;    standstill;    stay;    stopped;    stopping;    surcease;    throw-out of;    to;    to stop/to halt/to cease;    trip out;    withheld;    stop short at;    fetch up;    bring up;    peter out;    cheese;    chuck in;    stop from;    stop short of;    knockoff;    call it a day;    make a halt;    phased out;    sign off;    leave it out;    stall;    pass off;    stash;    stop/start control
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οʵԴӢۺϴʵ     ӢۺϿƼǵ     Ӣۺϴʵ     Ӣ   
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