new-process mixiang baijiu(liquor) is the innovative program in changle distillery which won the 2nd prize of guangdong light industry science and technology and state light industry science&technology excellent prize. the difference between new-process produc-tion and traditional production were as follows:in the new process (raw materials in liquid&solid separation loose state), water was added di-rectly in cooked raw materials, then caky starter was added for saccharfication and fermentation in the same fermenter;in traditional process (raw materials in gelatinized state), cooked raw materials were saccharified in saccharifying tank at first, then water was added for fermentation in the fermenter. the use of new-process often induced pipe obstruction because the commonly-used pneumatic drive membrane pump drained liquid during the transportation of liquid&solid separation loose raw materials. changle distillery used peristaltic pump to settle such prob-lem, which could achieve continuous production and completely solve pipeline blocking from steam machine to fermenter.


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